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Formentera Yoga

Formentera is truly a great place to practice Yoga, whether it is in a group or individual, in a hotel or at the comfort of your home. We have started this website to be able to offer the concerned traveller a possibility to practice Yoga on the magical island of Formentera.

We believe it is vital to have the right kind of organization when visiting Formentera whether it is just for holidays or in combination with practicing Yoga. We offer private classes as well as retreats. Private classes can be enjoyed in the comfort of your home for which we usually colaborate with our trusted partner in Luxury Villas in Formentera, however we also organize fully exclusive Yoga retreats on the island.


Some shots taken in Formentera during our Yoga classes. We also highly recommend a photographer if you come as a group in order to keep these special memories for life!

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Yoga Retreats

Get together with like-minded people wanting to experience life in a different way, in a new (or not) know environment. Most of our students come alone and have very busy lives, wanting to disconnect and come to one self in Formentera. Our retreats are so much more than just the Yoga...

Yoga on Beach in Formentera


There rates are only to give you an example of the services we can provide. For any questions or custom made programs and retreats please send us a message.


€ 120 .00
per hour
  • Private Class at home
  • Price for up to 2 students
  • Yoga Mats included
  • Professional Instructor


€ 60 .00
per hour per person
  • Private Class at home
  • 3 or more
  • up to 6 people
  • Professional Intsructor


€ N/A
on Request
  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Yoga Classes twice a day
  • Minimum 5 days

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Feel free to send us a message for any information you need or questions you might have in regards with Yoga in Formentera. You can also send us an email should you wish to do so to